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Clarity Protocol

West Palm Beach, FL, USA

We believe human prosperity will be decided at the intersection of cutting edge technology, transparency, and human collaboration. Our mission is to make equitable global financial and governance systems more accessible. To take steps toward this vision and mission, we are building the Clarity Protocol. 

The Clarity Protocol is a library of smart contracts that focuses on creating optimal conditions and incentives to enable decentralized and fair economic growth. At its core, Clarity is an ecosystem where organizations, entrepreneurs, and investors can pool, manage, and govern capital securely, efficiently, and in a decentralized manner.

By allowing democratized access to a library of audited smart contracts serving as DAO infrastructure, organizations and communities can organize, govern and manage themselves in a novel and innovative way. 

Clarity is a protocol built to be user friendly, allowing even non technical DAO communities and members to be able to participate in on-chain DAO interactions. This protocol aims to lower the barrier to entry so that anyone can create, manage, and participate in DAOs that operate on-chain.