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Jay Encell

Yoroi Wallet Community Manager
Marketing Full time

My name is Jay Encell, I live in Omaha NE, I am a 52 years old father of (2) adult children and will be a grandpa this November Lord willing, and I am looking to reinvent myself as part of my own personal mid-life crisis project.

I have spent most of my professional career in sales and account management, spending 10 years with InfoUSA selling data and managing large accounts, and another 10 years with a local contract office furniture dealership selling Haworth, Allsteel and HON and again managing large accounts including ConAgra, Omaha Steaks and Moodys  for  with intermittent entrepreneurial ventures in the restaurant industry slinging everything from big data (InfoUSA) around the turn of the century, to contract office furniture to Fortune500 companies like ConAgra, Omaha Steaks and UNMC.

Here's where it gets interesting.  Leading up to my time at InfoUSA I spent 12 years as a restaurant owner, having opened (4) different establishments in the Omaha area, and then in 2015 I began working on a FinTech startup called LoklPay that was going to bring digital payments to the 'Buy Local' movement while at the same time solving the cannabis banking problem that still haunts the industry to this day.  It is this work that I believe may make me a perfect fit for the Yoroi Wallet position you advertised on Twitter.  While working on that project I made some wonderful contacts and learned almost everything there was to know about fintech pre-2018 and formed partnerships with well known fintech innovators like Circle, Novatti, WePay and many others.  We also spent a great deal of time working in Africa with a lesser known company Kineto who provides an epesa like service to the unbanked of Southern Africa using a unique patented technology called 2D.  SO basically I have been banging the 'fintech must solve the worlds un-banked problem' drum since early 2016.  I can go into details on the 1 in a billion chance that this actually gets read by someone AND that that someone for some reason feels like taking a chance, believes in fate and decides 'what the hell, let's see what thins guy is all about and follows up.  It could be one of those most unlikely of encounters or decisions, the kind that under normal circumstances would never ever happen, that turns out to be one of the greatest flukes in the long storied history of Cardano!  Stranger things have happened. ;)

Work Experience

LoklPay (The JDB LLC)

FinTech start-up partnered with South African company Kineto to provide digital payments and banking services to the un-banked and under-banked with a focus on underbanked industries (cannabis, firearms, adult entertainment etc.) and the promotion of small, local businesses and communities throughout the US

I was in charge of basically everything not related to the finance management/AML Compliance side. SO...

Product and mobile app development.

Public Relations

Branding and Marketing

Research and Development

Operations Management



Colorado Mountain College

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