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Samuel Nuñez

Cardano Developer (Junior)
Engineering Cardano Plutus Proof of Stake Stake Pool Full time

I am passionate about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies world and I have technical experience in Proof of Stake protocols. I have worked as a Stake Pool Operator for the Cardano blockchain as a personal project, and I also have a bit of experience on the Polkadot blockchain. I am dedicated to researching blockchain and cryptocurrencies as my hobby in my spare time. Currently I work in a Salvadoran company and I am dedicated to data transformation as an ETL Developer. I have had experience in the area of ​​Data Warehousing and Big Data. I have also had experience managing linux and windows servers. My idea is to guide myself and give my best in the area that I really love: Blockchain, Smart Contracts Developing and Crypto in general. I am a person who learns fast, especially in subjects that I am passionate about. I can work independently and in a team, I am quite self-taught and I consider myself to be one of the people who does not give up on a difficult technical problem until it is solved. In order to grow and gain experience in this world of blockchain, I would be very happy if you give me the opportunity to work for you and add value to your project / company.

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