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Ezequiel Suthering

FE Dev / QA Engineer
Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
QA-Quality Control Cardano Stake Pool Javascript QA Automation Tester Full time

Hi, my name is Ezequiel Suthering I'm 24 y'old  from Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have experience working professionally with sotfware development teams, both as QA automation and as Front End developer. 

As QA automation I mostly used Java and Selenium, but also used TestCafe and WebDriverIO.

As Front end developer I mostly used VueJs and its stack, but also worked professionally with Angular.

As Backend I have not much experience, but anyway I had to develop my own backend for my own application in the past, and I used Php + Slim.

With Databases I have experience with MySQL, PostgreSQL. I consider myself capable of query and analyze DB data.

I also have experience usign AWS, Docker, Jenkins, git.

My latest approaches with Cardano:

Expose an Express API to interact remotely with the Cardano node from the browser (in my case a VueJs app) I used the cardano-rosetta docker image, cardanocli-rest, and cardanocli-js. I just posted a tutorial of how to setup all this tools together to make it work as an approach for JS devs (

Ezequiel Suthering

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