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Romain Vidal

Business development manager
Business Development Full time

Hi guys 

I am Romain, quite original and different in my way to think, see things. I am passionate about blockchain, founder of the Munich blockchain stampede in association with the Wyoming blockchain stampede. I would love to tell you more about me, how I believe to be of added value for the role, the team and Cardano overall. Big fan of IOHK / Cardano. In contact with Romain Pellerin (IOHK / CTO)

Work Experience

VDL Group Jan 2021 - Aug 2021

Please see my cv


CPE Lyon
Master 2 Sep 2008 - Oct 2014

How much do you like Cardano (10 highest)


Accepted Payment Methods

ADA, FIAT Currencies (USD, GBP, YEN, ...), Other Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, DOT, ...)