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J.G. Peuchaud

Sr. Director of Contracts
Legal Management Cardano Decentralised Finance Smart Contracts Full time

With 20 years of experience in Legal Operations and Contract Lifecycle Management, I am the perfect fit for your corporation and can take your smart contract practice to the next level. 


  • Reimagining CLM as multidisciplinary, holistic, data focused, and enterprise value driven.
  • Lead vision, strategy, and execution for all facets of the CLM function
  • Extensive CLM expertise:
  • Focused on meeting customer CLM requirements while driving change and innovation.
  • Expert in innovating technology-focused CLM solutions including AI and blockchain technologies.
  • User of proven and effective methodologies and technologies in the CLM space
  • Work conducted in English, French and Spanish.


Duke University Aug 2021 - Aug 2021

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