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Imti Majeed

Software Engineer
Engineering Full time

7+ years of full-stack software engineering

Most recent role was head of engineering for a VC-funded startup last valued at $25 million. I joined as the first employee and founding engineer. I recruited and managed 5 remote full-stack engineers across 3 countries and 4 time zones.

Work Experience

Head of Engineering
Scope Feb 2020 - Sep 2021

- First employee and founding engineer
- Led engineering efforts from idea to $25m valuation
- Recruited and managed 5 remote full-stack engineers across 3 countries and 4 time zones
- Led eng recruiting and outreach efforts
- Provided investors with regular eng updates
- React / NextJS frontend with NestJS backend powering 2 products
- Stack: NestJS - React / NestJS - Postgres - GCP

Senior Software Engineer
Zume Aug 2019 - Jan 2020

- Lead engineer on core platform used both externally and internally across teams (25 eng total)
- Determined technical product roadmap and managed team’s engineering backlog each sprint
- Lead development of the platform’s move from single tenant to multi tenant architecture
- Reduced Jenkins build times by 400% (16 -> 4 min) using Docker layer caching

Software Engineer
Postmates Sep 2017 - Jun 2019

- Maintained and refactored the fleet web app which directly enabled the fleet to scale over 350%
- Generated over 700 dynamic marketing pages using Gatsby that receive 2.5MM views / month
- Prevented $1MM+ in fines every year by implementing a real-time tax compliance system
- Reduced number of fraudulent accounts by 50% by integrating with background check service
- Supported Mexico launch by using Qordoba to enable automatic and on-demand localization
- Load-balanced and routed traffic by provisioning a Kubenetes ingress controller using Terraform
- Increase app stability by adding a Kubernetes liveness probe to perform automatic pod restarts

Software Engineer
HiQ Labs Jun 2016 - Sep 2021

- Lead front end development for a new HR skills product from scratch using React + Redux
- Enabled companies to understand their employee data by creating interactive d3 visualizations
- Lead the charge on best practices by adding adding Jest test framework, paved the way for CI/CD
- Made extensive use of user data in feature product development via mixpanel / google analytics
- Added cross-filtering functionality to allow users to analyze employee data in meaningful ways

Software Engineer Dec 2014 - Apr 2021

- Lead front end development of a CMS that enabled users to create web apps without coding
- Lead the development of a shared UI component library which sat on top of the rendering engine
- Enabled simultaneous complex animations by designing the core keyframe timeline API
- Made realistic real-world component animations possible by creating a physics API wrapper
- Increased hardware accelerated rendering by engineering a WebGL API wrapper

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