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mehdi bechiche

Smart contract developer
Engineering Part time

My name is Mehdi Bechiche, I am 21 yo, university student, I have basic understanding of the blockchain industry in general, I experienced basic level coding various programing languages such as python c++ JavaScript and solidity, I have good problem solving skills and I know how to look for the information and the value I need, I can understand and learn and adapt fast in any environment if I can find the right motivations for me which in this case is the chance to be taught and also the chance of an involvement in any project related to smart contracts and blockchain technology in general, I intend to be working for you for the long run so working for free with high level individuals in this industry and gaining hard and raw experience is motivational enough for me and more important to me than money right now and that’s a good thing for both me and your company because I have the time to learn and you’ll have a solid operator that you can train and teach your way to serve your company’s needs as you desire, I hope you will find me valuable and hire me to be working with your team .

last but not least i have to work for you remotely, I sincerely hope to get approved and i am looking forward to your replay, have a good day.

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ADA, FIAT Currencies (USD, GBP, YEN, ...), Other Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, DOT, ...)