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Warren Jacobus

Any position suitable to my experience
Telecommunications Part time

I have a wealth of experience in two distinct industries – that being, the building and telecommunication sectors. For the former industry, this specifically includes 6 years of draughting experience coupled with a firm knowledge of building regulations and SABC standards. To date, my professional career has shifted in trajectory, as I currently work at an international company, ZTE Corporations, which specialises in providing advanced telecommunications systems/mobile devices to the masses. As a result of my exposure to this industry, and my past employment, I have amassed a set of fluid skills in the following niche areas: Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet, A+, N+, AutoCAD 2015, Visio, SQL, GIS, Google Maps, Smallworld.

Work Experience

ZTE Corporation South Africa Jul 2016 - Mar 2020

Planning and designing of optic fibre network (routes and cabling) based on specified requirements as well as the safety requirements.
Surveying fibre routes, capturing details and obstacles.
Assist in the maintenance of records on the Optic Fibre Broadband Infrastructure Management System, Smallworld.
Manages a team of fibre planners (in-house and/or outsourced) performing detailed planning to satisfy a specific planning and design requirement.
Overseeing the operational aspects of fibre network planning, wayleaves processing and documentation and record keeping.
Assists with budgetary requirements by providing cost estimates for a proposed solution.
Scrutinises quotes and designs before submitting them for approval.
Perform site visits to obtain as-built details.
Collect construction information and add it to CAD files to create an accurate as-built record.
Drive on and off road to construction as-built sites


Institution Dec 2001 - Dec 2023

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