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Nick Hadziannis

Cardarno Consultant, Government Policy
General Business Government Management Nonprofit-Social Services Purchasing-Procurement Full time

I have worked to improve government and public services, but increasingly became dissilusioned by the inertia of the existing system, I want to partisipate in building systems that work for people, I am perticularly taken by the saying "code is law". As a Dyslexic I have always excelled at understanding systems, especialy Human hierarchical structures, but had never dabbled in computer science.

I have come to the crypto industry quite late in my carear, but I have done my research and believe in my conclusion that Cardarno is inevitable.

Openness positivity and the desire to listen to people is at my core, my principles made it hard for me to continue to collaborate with Government deparments seeking to maintain their own power at the expence of their core mission.

I have seen in the Cadarno and to some extent the Crypto community the drive vision and passion that I empathise with,  I want to depoy my skills in the service of the wider community  advancing the Cardarno mission to make integraty of information, as a base layer on which communities can build and trust each other without intermediaries and middle men.

Work Experience

Sourcing Manager IT
Guys and St thomas Hospital Group nhs Jan 2020 - Aug 2021

I oversaw IT purchase and policy across the hospital group, software, hardware, and specialist labour

Crown Commercial Service
UK Civil service Jan 2013 - May 2015

I managed the Interim labour, clerical and admin contracts for the deparment of communities and local governemnt

Procurement Genralist
Department for communities and local government Feb 2011 - Jan 2013

Procurement of all catagories for the central deparment located in Westminster, London UK

Diary secretary
Department for communities and Local Government Feb 2008 - Jan 2013

I worked for the Minister for Housing,  managing diary, papers, briefings and official schedule, prior to working in their office I worked in the correspondence unit managing their ministerial mail and official correspondence to members of pariament on matters relating to their portfolio.


E logistics , supplychain managment
University of Greenwich Sep 2015 - Jun 2015
Government and politics
University of westminster Sep 2002 - Jul 2005

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