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Sean Soh

Melbourne VIC, Australia
Cardano Haskell Backend Developer Full time

I've been working in a traditional financial company for the last 10+ years, starting with technical support then with development. At my current company I mainly work with shell scripting, SQL report writing, XSLT transformations, some Javascript and Java.

I've taken an interest in blockchain development, and am keen to pursue a career in one.

I'm currently a student of the Emurgo Cardano Developer Professional course, and have completed the Emurgo Cardano Developer Associate course. As part of the Associate course, we have covered Haskell, and I have been doing some self study to upskill in Haskell as well.

Work Experience

Murex Senior Analyst Developer
National Australia Bank Jan 2018 - Jan 2022

Developing within the Murex application which is a platform which functions as a trade repository, risk management, reporting, accounting, confirmation and others. 

Much of the work includes

  • SQL for reporting purposes
  • Transformation from one file to another CSV to XML using either XSLT or Awk scripting
  • Bash shell scripting for various automation scripts
  • Some javascript / Java api development


Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours)
University of Melbourne Jan 2001 - Jan 2005
Master of Applied Finance
Macquarie University Jan 2016 - Dec 2017

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