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Andrew Crawford

Blockchain Developer / Technical Writer
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Blockchain Analytics Blockchain Standards Cardano Python Data Scientist Full time

I am 25 with three years of traditional finance experience. Following an Economics degree from the University of Minnesota I found employment to start in August after graduating in May 2018. A friend and I took a 60 day trip through four countries - Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, and India - to have access to unimaginably different worlds changes the scope of what your everyday life could be. I returned to begin financial advising for Thrivent Financial - turns out I am more risk averse than investing in mutual funds and so I didn't feel comfortable in that role. Similarly, at the Wells Fargo downtown office I had many more expenses and unnecessary risks. I prefer the remote work style so I chose to expand my knowledge towards programming. As Charles recommends I chose a Python and watched CS50 through Harvard as an introduction. I've completed a six month coding bootcamp through the University of Minnesota and now am learning the Plutus Pioneer classes through Youtube. I've always loved to read - especially nonfiction, world religion, scifi, biography and all genres. My passion outside of work is to write and I think that developed throughout my four years working in the University library. Around that tie I began asking how machines are functioning and having a curiosity of nature however I didn't get to reading a lot until the I took a six month period off to read on Richard Feynman's writing on Physics, Andrew Ng's CS 229, and travel once again.

My value would be at the convergence of behavior economics (incentives), programming (code), and blockchain standards (theory). I intend to do further reading on the Cardano docs page and write papers.

Sharing a passion for the project, I am working on a Cardano project with a few classmates and friends that I will submit as a proposal for the Catalyst Fund 8

Work Experience

Swift Support
US BANK Sep 2021 - Jan 2022

I currently work here and continue training my repository of SWIFT knowledge as a way to better understand what the current system looks like that is being replaced. 


University of Minnesota Twin Cities Sep 2014 - May 2018

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