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Richard L Goerwitz

Your Choice - Anything from Data Engineer to Technical Writer or Blogger
Education Domain Specific Language Python C Big Data Engineer Full time

Data engineer, data warehouse architect with experience coding a hodgepodge of languages (C, C#, Python, R, Perl, Bash, JavaScript, and weird stuff like Prolog and Icon) seeks to grow the Cardano ecosystem.

In addition to being a general coder, systems, and data person, I served as a web technical administrator and spent many hours writing things like Apache plug-ins.  I also have background Linux systems administration (CentOS, RedHat, and Ubuntu), in IT security/Splunk.  And I possess formal linguistic training, as well as experience constructing parser generators, regular expression engines, and just a lot of "stuff."

Here's the thing, though:  I'm not just a back-room tech.  I can also write and communicate at a number of different levels and bridge communication gaps--having written a variety of both popular and refereed academic articles.


Refereed article explaining basic data warehouse architecture to higher-education management: Comparing and assessing department-level instructional workloads: a study in data management: Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management: Vol 43, No 6 (

Example of an article explaining crypto to old dudes heading into retirement: Cryptocurrency, Risk, and Retirement | Medium

Example of just a fun article:  Getting Out of Mowing the Lawn | Medium

Book chapter on a domain-specific language, a musical notation used in medieval biblical manuscripts, and how its grammar can be formalized, practically, as an LR (actually LALR)-parsable language and validated using standard compiler tools: A New Masoretic “Spell Checker” or A Fast, Practical Method For Checking the Accentual Structure and Integrity Of Tiberian-Pointed Biblical Texts (in SAOC vol 60)

Here is my Reddit user summary, too.  It offers an overview of what my writing looks like, on a day to day basis:  rlgoer (u/rlgoer) - Reddit

I am easily Googled, having been working in IT since the mid 90s.

I'm looking to help out and do something meaningful.

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