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Hernan Ronchetti

Head of Operations
Accounting Banking Consultant Finance General Business Full time

Dear Cardano Team,

I am an experienced self-driven professional with more than 13 years leading teams and projects in multinational environments, helping global clients to reach their business goals.

My career has been very diverse as I have worked both in Human Resources and Financial roles. Given my adaptability and flexibility, I have successfully managed teams and projects within HR Services & Operations, Financial Planning & Forecasting and Audit functions on a global scale, being able to deliver outstanding results while contributing to develop team members. For the past two years, I have been working as an independent consultant in the Crypto & DeFi space seeking to bring people to this wonderful and disruptive world.

Over the years, I have developed different skills in order to be able to succeed as a leader. The roles I had involved constant interaction and reporting to Senior Management, leading multi-cultural teams, data analysis, working with different sites, managing vendors, planning and coordinating activities, ensuring the path to success.

I'm a huge believer in Web 3 development and the decentralization of the web and finance in general. I want to be part of this revolution from within and help to develop the new paradigm of a censorship-free web and bankless finance. I have left my corporate job as I moved to a new country last year and, as part of that change, I would like to switch industries and do something meaningful as I continue to learn and develop myself.

I would love to schedule some time for us to discuss job openings and give me the opportunity to expand on my experience.

Thank you for considering me.

Best Regards,


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