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Harsh Jhaveri

Marketing Blockchain Analytics Trading Product Manager Project Manager Full time

I'm a growth marketer with more than 7 years of experience in scaling companies through innovation. I am looking for an opportunity to apply my skills and bring my expertise & enthusiasm to your company.


In 2020, I co-founded from my living room and generated over $230k USD in sales and acquired more than 13k email subscribers. With an ability to self-teach and quickly learn new skills, I launched my e-commerce business completely from scratch.


This includes website development, shipping logistics management, product videography, package design, and paid advertising on Facebook and Google.


With immense competition in the advertising space, I would often create unique marketing angles and use guerrilla growth tactics to drive traffic to my online store.


Before BrowsPop, I was working in my old and traditional family business of diamonds & jewelry. I was given the opportunity to manage a $1.5 million USD per month budget for the purchasing and marketing of loose diamonds. Using a small allocation from this budget allowed me to modernize the company and launch a business-to-consumer division. The new B2C division directly added 12% profit to the entire company.


Working in a well-established business as well as starting my own company from the ground, has given me immense managerial experience, working under pressure to meet self-introduced deadlines, and a thorough understanding of running all aspects of a business.


I am confident that I'll provide value and a positive impact on the company. I am available at your earliest convenience and look forward to speaking with you. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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