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Asfandyar Khan

Writer or Marketing Specialist or Strategy
Education Entry Level Marketing Decentralised Finance Gaming Full time


I read about the requirements for the job and I’d love to contribute wherever I can. I am a project manager who specializes in writing, strategy and digital marketing currently involved with 3 projects. The first is a metaverse NFT Collection called Rotts Revolution, the second is a Decentralized Investment Vehicle launching on Binance and the third is a blockchain real estate project that focuses on fractionalizing property to make entry points into real estate investment more accessible. All three projects have a DAO integrated and have communities based on Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and even platforms like Stocktwits. I have experience marketing and managing all these platforms, producing medium articles, engaging with influencers and even posting on crytomoonshots.
In the past I have successfully marketed a Kickstarter Campaign for Untamed Isles x Direwolf : The campaign raised over $500,000 USD in its lifecycle.

I am a hardworking resource and would just love an opportunity to grow and help grow a project. Even if I have to start on an entry level position and make my way up. I am an incredibly quick learner and fairly confident in my written and communication capabilities. Plus managing and doing all kinds of work is not an issue. I’ve been working as a core flexible resource jumping across multiple teams to fill whatever void is necessary. I feel like I can contribute to the company and would really appreciate the opportunity to just get an interview to talk more about the kind of work I have done and what I can do. I will also be available full time and overtime to grow the project. Looking forward to a positive response!

Work Experience

Project Manager
Sprocket Jun 2021 - Apr 2022

Sprocket allowed me to engage with clients across the globe in various fields. Over the course of my employment at Sprocket, I have worked in developing ecosystems for NFT collections, Metaverse projects and Cryptocurrencies. From an open world MMORPG to a decentralized investment vehicle to tokenizing property to make entry points into real estate investment easier are all ideas I have created or helped develop further. Working with roughly 30 people divided over 4 teams under me, I have successfully delivered on multiple project launches over the span of almost a year.


Bachelors in Sociology
University of Punjab Aug 2014 - Aug 2018

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