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David Lehuby

DevSecOps Lead
Melbourne VIC, Australia
Engineering Information Technology Javascript Python Cloud Engineer Full time

David is a self motivated thought Leader who is passionate about Infrastructure, Open Source, Continuous Delivery Practices and Security. He has worked in multiple industries such as Online Betting (11Y), Property Management App, Charity,  and joined Salesforce 3 Years ago. He works remotely in a team distributed around the world

David has over 20 years experience in the Software industry over which time he has gained experience across  application development, infrastructure automation, integration, build engineering, security  and configuration management.  David has also developed skills  in Service Management, Audit, Governance Risk and Compliance

He believes that Cryptocurrencies,blockchain and decentralized systems are the building blocks for the 21st Century


Thought Leadership

  • Strong capacity in understanding constraints around delivery processes and defining / implementing solutions to improve processes.
  • Solid technical background in Infrastructure, Programming, Configuration Management, CICD, Logging / Monitoring / Alerting and Security
  • Soft Skills: People person - Enjoy helping/collaborating with people to get the best outcome. Love learning from others.

Systems and Solutions Engineering

  • Long experience on AWS - Deployment of distributed, highly available, secure and auditable infrastructure (Terraform, ansible)
  • Passionated by Open Source Technologies (Kubernetes, Prometheus, ArgoCD, Unix systems more generally)
  • Focus on Automation and Continuous Delivery Models (12 Factors, GITOPS, CRUD)
  • Versioned and Zero Downtime Deployments on Production Environments
  • Focus on Security, threat models, Audit, PCI compliance, Cost management.
  • Focus on Logging, Monitoring and Alerting (Infrastructure & Applications)

Governance Risk and Compliance

Design audit compliant workflows, elaborate controls. Walkthrough auditors.


  • Languages: English, French (Australian & French citizen) - 
  • Love guitars, open water swimming / Retro Gaming / Programming crypto trading bots

Work Experience

DevSecOps STMS
Salesforce Mar 2019 -

Cloud Engineering:

  • Designed and implemented Cloud Engineering Logging Solution (Sumo Logic):
    - Log/Metric ingestion from differents source (Kubernetes fluentd/prometheus, AWS)
    - Creation of dashboards based on logs and metrics
    - Alerting (Metrics + Logging -> PagerDuty / OpsGenie / Jira service Desk)
  • Designed and implemented automated Security Workflows (Cloudtrail, GardDuty, Checkmarx, Snyk, Code signing, EC2 Security Patching, oAuth2)
  • Designed and implemented infrastructure components with Ansible / Terraform following 12 Factors principles
  • Refactor infra release workflow from an imperative approach to a declarative and auditable approach (Gitops model)

Service Management:

  • Managing budget and quotas with Sumo Logic, NewRelic and AWS Account Executive team
  • Quarterly access review prior to SOC2 Audit.

Governance, Risk and Compliance:

  • Walkthrough Ernst & Young Auditors, and provide narrative about audited controls
  • Collecting evidences for selected controls
  • Involved in the controls elaboration
  • Educate engineering teams around audit and enforce audit compliance using github actions
Consultant Senior DevOps Lead
Belong Jul 2018 - Mar 2019
  • Led a team of 4 engineers
  • Designed and released an infrastructure for continuous delivery pipelines based on Kubernetes and AWS:
    - Management + support of 7 streams of work (Digital, Data Analytics, Salesforce, DevOps, Mulesoft, etc...)
    - Each stream runs its own tooling (Jenkins, Nexus, Sonarqube, etc..) on a shared infrastructure
    - Integration with current existing tools for Access and User management (OpenVPN, LDAP)
  • Propositions to remediate the current stacks ( Applications + Infrastructure + Ways of working )
  • Support of the production stack (BAU, Improvement of the monitoring, alerting)
  • Advised some strategies to the new CTO regarding the stack remediation and areas of recruitment
Systems Engineer Lead
AssetOwl (ASX, ISO-27001) Jun 2017 - Jul 2018
  • Led a team of 2 Engineers
  • Act as Head of Infrastructure and Operations. Report to CEO - Quarterly Reports to the Board
  • Designed and released (May 2017) a new architecture of an infrastructure based on Kubernetes and AWS (Production and Non Production) including:
    - Separation of Production and Non-Production Environments. Isolation of Non-Productions Tools and Envs
    - Migration of AssetOwl applications to Docker based artefacts
    - CICD (Define build and release processes, Jenkins & Concourse)
    - Security (Linking the Office Network to the Cloud and Implementing Palo Alto VPN)
    - Monitoring, Logging, Alerting (Prometheus + Grafana, Fluentd, ElasticSearch, Graylog)
    - Database Management (RDS, backup & disaster recovery)
    - Performance (High Availability, Self Healing, Cost Optimisation)
  • Service Management (Licences, Devices and Accounts Management)
Solutions Engineer
Sportsbet Mar 2014 - Jun 2017
  • Involved in the creation of a Solutions Architecture and Engineering team that were commissioned to model out a new devops way of working at Sportsbet. (Delivery Processes)
  • Heavily involved in the Architecture of the Sportsbet Services Strategy (Services Foundation, Microservices, Queuing Systems (RMQ) & DB (PostgreSQL & INFORMIX))
  • Design and maintenance of On Premise delivery pipelines: (On premises ~ 70 Sportsbet Services involved - Java & NodeJS based)
  • Automating configuration of application infrastructure (Puppet)

Tools: Infra: VMware. Config: Puppet / Ansible. Packaging:  RPM / Docker. CI: Bamboo / Jenkins. Networking: F5 . CVS: Git. Others: Vault, Consul, Checkmarx, Gatling, etc.

Web / Software Developer
Paddy Power PLC Feb 2007 - Mar 2014

As a part of the web development team and then software engineering team, I was involved in releasing the user interfaces for the desktop sites, releasing the mobile and tablet client for Sportbet. I was also heavily involved in the performance remediation of our previous stack: 6 months project to support the load of Spring Carnival.

University of Paris 8 Oct 2005 - Apr 2006

David has taught HTML & CSS to 50 University students: Analysis of all HTML website tags, creation of standard static websites and specializing in adding disability options to web sites and optimizing hit rates from search engines.

Freelance agency work
Self Employed Jan 2003 - Sep 2006

Design, creation and development of various multimedia websites including:

  • France Libertés: Human Rights International organization working for the respect and promotion of human rights
  • Investment Forum in Mali: World Business convention of Entrepreneurs in Africa International Center of Conference of Bamako, Mali


Master of Computer Science - Digital Creation & Publishing
University of Saint Denis - Paris VIII Sep 2004 - Jun 2006
Bachelor Degree - Multimedia
University of Jussieu - Paris VII Sep 2003 - Jun 2004

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