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Adrian Blogg

Digital Product Manager
Toronto, ON, Canada
Business Development Consultant General Business Management Marketing Full time

As a passionate digital project manager with 5+ yeas of experience, I fully embrace the adoption of new technology and new ways of solving challenges. My career began in traditional finance before pivoting into consulting and then digital marketing. 

Outside of my career, I've spent a considerable amount of time learning and studying the every changing landscape of Defi and cryptocurrencies. To say that this is my passion in life is an understatement. I have been an early adopter of a number of cryptocurrencies including Cardano and most recently Lonia. It is within this passion that I'm excited to pursue a career at Cardano! I truly love the platform and strong believe in what is being built within the Cardano ecosystem. 

To conclude, I'm interested in marketing, business, community building, research, literally anything that allows me to drive results and grow the Cardano community. Again, as I mentioned previously, I strongly believe in the Cardano ecosystem and I'm eager to join the team building the future. 

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