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Chisobem Nwokedi

Head of Operations
General Business Project Manager Operations Full time

Thank you for an opportunity to join Cardano.

Here is a bit more about myself; I have managed multiple business operations and designed processes and workflows remotely for organizations in both the United States and Nigeria. I’m great at translating C-Level ideas/strategy into company processes and I serve as go between and translator for Strategy and Implementation teams. I also provide leadership teams with research and strategic support on different initiatives across the organisation. 

I have significant experience managing internal projects,liaising with vendors and setting up structures that improve response time, reduce duplication, ensure clear communication & optimized performance across different functions such as operations, recruiting, sales, marketing, HR, and finance

These processes have led to 40% increase in the sales team call backs, reduced delayed/unsent invoices by 80% and led to a knowledge workspace (confluence by atlassian) that holds information on all projects completed and current projects complete with tags for easy retrieval. 

Relevant experience; 

Remotely standing up the Operations Team of a NY based Data Analytics Start-Up

I started out assisting the Managing Partner with lead generation, scheduling and invoicing and progressed to building out processes that streamlined hiring, onboarding and offboarding for employees, designed and implemented the employee benefits policy, the rewards and recognition program and the general staff welfare policy. This contributed to the  overall NPS score remaining steadily in the Promoter range. I also designed a system that cut the time it takes to onboard a new client by 60%, designed and maintained a knowledge repository of all previous projects, complete with lesson learnt documentation, and case studies to be used as sales collateral. In addition, I took on the Invoicing task and using Xero, Harvest and Asana designed a system that reduced delayed invoices by 95%. 

New Office Set Up in Poland for a Fast Paced Start Up

The firm required a new office set up in Poland. I worked with the Managing Partner and Lead developer in Poland to register the business entity in Poland, set up banking, hire new developers, select an office space and an IT administrator. I also created a budget for office supply needs and interacted with workspace owners via email and phone to work out the best arrangement. I used slack and Asana to manage communication and ensure the Managing partner and lead developer were always in the loop and had their tasks organized and visible.

I believe I am a unique fit for your team and would like to set up a call to discuss further.

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