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Marco Ferreira

community building and partnerships
Banking Business Development Customer Service Operations Full time

To Whom It May Concern:


Throughout my entire career, both public and private, I have always been a firm believer of following and adhering to state and federal requirements to service communities, like low income Philadelphians.  Unfortunately, the high level of new federal and state regulations along with the constant red taping forums, has caused me to refocus my skills into a new industry that champions economic sovereignty over surveillance capitalism and over-regulation. With my knowledge of how restrictive the current centralized finance and regulated global system is, I am able to bring a new prospective on how to advocate new programs and protocols that provide an alternative to traditional finance and counteract the current market environment.


As a seasoned and high-performing program and operations development officer with over 10 years’ experience in the resident service and financial markets, I have a proven ability to lower costs, generate revenue, increase program capacity and integrate public, private and non-profit partners with a necessary inclusion of community voice.  It is with great enthusiasm and confidence that I apply with your organization a new chapter of success.


During my career with the Philadelphia Housing Authority I am proud to highlight some of my accomplishments, which are directly applicable to the cryptocurrency space, including, but not limited to:

  • Approved over $40,000,000 in contract and grant awards to non-profit, MBE/WBE entities to service the organization’s mission and goals.
  • To date, managed and program executed $90,000,000 of grant dollars and federal funds
  • Successfully oversaw the development and implementation of new programs and its procedures
  • Provided operation guidance on interpreting and education partners and stakeholders on professional market research
  • Optimize a comprehensive automated communication system between inter-departments along with outside partners
  • Determined areas of improvement for program results and initiate changes to increase capacity and production
  • Represented the organization to led and present on various community initiatives and programmatic adoption
  • Execute short and long-terms program goals to meet and maximize the benchmarks set for the department
  • Manage, review, and implemented data and policy requirements to ensure compliance with the programmatic system to ensure solvency
  • Communicated directly to Commonwealth, Federal, non-profit, foundation and HUD leaders on programmatic results
  • Created and approved Scope of Work adoption for new grant proposals
  • Install and implement grant proposal scoring software with seamless communication between multi-layer departments for awardee approval decision.
  • Incorporate a high standard of record keeping and management with any and all programming


Since 2015, I have also served as PhillySEEDS’ Business Manager, a non-profit of the Philadelphia Housing Authority, where I implemented resident services programs, increase fundraising streams, and oversaw website development which resulted in an increase of web traffic and donors. During my tenure, I have raised close to $1,300,000 in private donations along with having over $1,600,000 grants awarded to over 800 individuals.


I am confident that this background experience will provide transferrable skills in the cryptocurrency market where I will be an asset to any sector of your organization. I look forward to an opportunity to learn more about this position during a future phone call or meeting at your convenience.



                                                                                    Marco Ferreira

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