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Tarunsundar Kalyanaraman

Blockchain developer
Finance Information Technology Full time

I am currently a third-year student at Aberystwyth University where I am pursuing a degree in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

I am interested in applying to Cardano as I believe I have the sufficient skills to join your team and I am eager to gain additional hands-on experiences by working at Cardano. I hope by working with you I can extend my knowledge and contribute to Cardano.

 I have shown that I am able to work well in a team by joining group projects while working towards my diploma. My technical skills include extensive knowledge of programming, math algorithms and coding languages. I have experience using Haskell, C++, Java and Python for 3 years. I am also familiar with networking, industrial automation, and robotics.

I couldn’t mention the reason behind the year break from my bachelor’s, on my CV. It was due to meeting a motor bike accident, which left me with a critical brain injury, leaving me Immobile for few months (Still have some difficulties in walking), had been in a vegetative state for 2 months, mute for few months and learning difficulties due to cognitive impairments which affected my academic performance quite severely (This is the reason behind the drastic downfall in academic performance after end of first year, was on track for 1st then).

[My skills include the ability to notice potential risk factors that could cause problems with certain designs and to make corrections as needed (if required)] I have a positive attitude and excellent communication skills which will help me adapt to new situations and get along with my peers. I am willing to adapt quickly to changing environments and to stay updated with all new technology, changes and discoveries affecting this industry. I hope my passion and motivation will be very beneficial to your organization and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you for your consideration.


Kind Regards,


Tarunsundar K

Work Experience

Internet of Things Developer
Arxiz Jul 2019 - Sep 2022
  • Worked on the development of a Blink Switch(this used raspberry pi) with Alexa
  • Experience with creating Alexa skills and integrating it with hardware, hence used it to give voice commands to hardware devices (i.e. turning on/off electrical appliances)
  • Experience with building raspberry pi server


Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Aberystwyth University Sep 2018 - Jul 2022

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