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James Toone

UX Engineer
Typescript Front End Developer UI/UX Designer Full time

My name is James Toone and I'm based in the UK. I specialise in UX, UI and CSS. As well as working down in the details, I've also got experience in design, strategy, consulting and development. I like to get stuck in! I have always worked at small companies and startups so I am used to doing a variety of jobs outside of my role to ensure we get the best product without having to have siloed roles. I have over 10 years commercial experience and have a proven track record in releasing great looking user interfaces which users enjoy to use. 

I currently feel that the UI and UX of most crypto applications and sites is not up to the standard it should be. Even the biggest exchanges have awful user workflows and buggy use interfaces. I want to work on a product that will shine and set an example to the crypto industry. 

Work Experience

UX Engineer
Prohire Software LTD Aug 2018 - Jun 2022

UX Engineer and Lead Design. I am in charge of planning user workflows, designing the UI, testing, research and then building my concepts in Angular, CSS and HTML. My role is to ensure that we have the best looking UI components, best user flows and that the end product reflects the initial designs perfectly and work cross browser. 

Product Manager
New Era Technology UK Jul 2010 - Oct 2018

At New Era I held 2 titles; Lead UX Engineer and also Product Manager. I managed a team of 8 where I led the design and development for a successful international product. I launched 2 e-learning products to the UK and Australian market which together bought the company over £2 million turnover in my last year working there. I was in charge of putting together the roadmap and agreeing with all stakeholders.

I would also run user-testing on teachers which was usually remote moderating testing where I would ask them to screen share while revealing new screens or features to note any problems they hit. After these initial tests were done I would identify the main pain areas and fix them then repeat the tests. Once I was happy with the results I would then run remote unmoderated testing and record user sessions using Hotjar to watch anonymous users to try and spot if they ran into difficulties.

Design \ Develop
I helped design the UX and UI using a mixture of Adobe XD and Photoshop - I have since moved to Figma. I was also instrumental in building the front-end using Angular, CSS and HTML. CSS and HTML are by far my stronger languages and I use Tailwind CSS to help ensure the CSS is more maintainable and easier to work with. I have got a lot better at JavaScript in the last few years, enough so that I can bring designs and concepts to life. My JavaScript skills usually stop before hooking up API calls.


Digital Media Development BSc (Hons)
Brighton Sep 2006 - Jun 2010

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