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Friso Van Donkersgoed

Business Developer / Operation Management
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Business Development Full time

Currently, I am looking for new and exciting work opportunities to expand my horizon work-wise and with a focus on remote working. Several years ago, I gained my interest in crypto and everything that is now evolving from it and building on these technologies. I find it super fascinating how the world is shifting and maturing and how these technologies can help to make the world a bit of a better place. Nevertheless, I truly think that a humanistic approach to building a business is fundamental to ensuring the success of any organisation or community.

A bit more insight about myself; I studied Hotel Management (Bachelor of Arts), and throughout my study/work career, I have had the chance to focus on mainly business development/operations/management which took place within the Hospitality environment. This experience was mainly gained during my studies and internships and my own startup/project together with the primary job I currently perform. Within this experience, I covered a wide range of concepts such as entrepreneurship, business development, being service and problem-solving oriented, operations management, communication and dealing with a wide range of different cultures. For me, within business development, I always take my hospitality skills into account and this is a concept which is not only applicable to the hotel sector but much further than that. I believe service and quality go hand in hand and should be performed not only externally but also internally within the business in order to deliver good output. 

I never worked (yet) within this specific space/market. - However, I believe that the knowledge I have is very widely applicable to any similar frameworks in which business development plays a prominent role. It makes me very much excited to start working within this new space and learn more about it and learn along the way up. I get very excited when I can bring people together and bring out their best potential and make them (as well as myself) understand the “why” behind things. Asking the right questions to get to the essence of what is needed to accomplish and bring it to life. 

Work Experience

General Manager / Business Developer
Bushe Bakery - Oleg Amsterdam Aug 2019 - Jul 2022

The Business development of a Restaurant that focuses on fermentation. Serving the finest natural wines on the market and bringing you an overall authentic dining experience. 

General Manager / Business Developer
Freya Drink (own startup) Aug 2019 - Jul 2022

Creating the world's most sustainable functional water drink that is as big as a coin and you can take it anywhere anytime without polluting the planet in any way. Organic certified and plastic-free. 


Bachelor of Arts
Hotelschool The Hague Feb 2015 - Feb 2021

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