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Tim Dalton

Co-Founder, Head of Product
Cardano I Love Charles Hoskinson Head Of Product Product Manager Product Full time

After leading our team toward an acquisition for the last 6-9 months, I am looking to make the transition to a fully dedicated role working within the Cardano ecosystem. It is something I have become extremely passionate about since 2020, and I want to do my part in contributing to the decentralized, transparent, and accountable future that I want to see come to fruition.

I am interested in talking with any and all projects who are looking for another leader and have the ambition to make a profoundly positive impact on the world.

Although my background is heavily focused on product, I have a wide-ranging skill-set and would be capable/interested in a broader leadership role that doesn't specifically focus on product.

Work Experience

Director of Product
TenantBase Nov 2021 - Jul 2022

As Director of Product, I worked on several core product initiatives while marching our team towards an acquisition goal for the summer of 2022. My resume hits on many of the highlights, but to summarize again here:

  • Planned our acquisition strategy with the C-Suite
  • Transitioned from a transactional business model to SaaS to create financial stability via monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
    • Achieved $100k MRR within the first 4 months
    • Implemented our first SaaS pricing strategy, integrating with Stripe for payments¬†
  • Created automated marketplace dynamics allowing us to scale without additional overhead
  • Integrated with an industry partner to generate more engagement and marketplace liquidity
  • Implemented new UI components to increase retention and monetization
Product Manager
TenantBase Aug 2021 - Nov 2021

I had been working as a full-time product manager for many months before officially changing my title to this role. Please see my resume for highlights, but generally speaking I did everything from leading engineering sprint rituals to working with 3rd party designers to strategic planning directly with our founders.

Growth/Marketing Manager
TenantBase Jul 2018 - Jul 2021

I held many responsibilities throughout my time as the Growth Manager for TenantBase. My core responsibility was to improve our lead gen efficiencies. This is when I discovered the impact of a good product first-hand and became passionate about the product management profession. While maintaining my growth responsibilities I spent the last two years during this role leading product initiatives, working closely with our VP of Product and an external product consultant to grow my skill-set as a product manager.


Business Information Technology
Virginia Tech Aug 2009 - May 2013

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