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Adam Fitzpatrick

Community Engagement Manager/Coordinator
Nonprofit-Social Services Research Blockchain Governance Consensus Humanitarian Aid Full time

My name is Adam Fitzpatrick and I have done leadership development and community engagement for ten years in various congregational settings. I am looking to move to work supporting Cardano because I have found it a good home for my personal investing and I like Cardano's solutions to decentralization, scalability, and security. I am also interested in how blockchain technology can be used to solve the climate crisis and would love to help Cardano engage the climate crisis through the partnerships I have developed around the world. 

I learn quick and have strong analytical skills. I am able to listen and empower volunteers to participate effectively in governance systems and feedback loops to improve an overall product. I can provide support for a variety of technological platforms and can communicate clearly and effectively. I look forward to the opportunity to learn about and discuss possibilities for how I can contribute to Cardano.

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