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Todd Cleckner

Plutus Developer, Software/DApp Engineer
Albuquerque, NM, USA
Plutus Smart Contracts Haskell Full Stack Developer CTO Full time

I am a self taught and motivated visionary that brings unique perspectives, ideas and solutions to projects. My experiences as an entrepreneur, engineer, international humanitarian, farmer, and contractor have given me the ability to plan and execute large, timely projects; build and lead teams;  rapidly identify and solve problems; bring divergent information, data, and perspectives into insights and solutions; learn new skills and concepts rapidly.

I have recently been expanding into the blockchain sector, helping build new solutions and tools that will enable a decentralized, p2p global community while protecting individual sovereignty. I am deeply involved in the Cardano ecosystem, currently running the [SOIL] stake pool; and having been in the first pioneer programs for Plutus and PRISM. I am also currently in the Cardano Developer Professional program at and will follow that up with their Cardano Solutions Architect program.  

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