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Anetta Sultygova

Operational/organisational roles
General Business Management Commercial Operations Full time

My professional journey in Web3 started in February 2021, when I joined Squares Capital as a Project Manager. I worked with numerous projects on the company’s portfolio, primarily on creating marketing and community growth strategies and supporting on their implementation.

In November 2022 I joined Koi Metaverse as a Project Manager and Ecosystem Director, and managed to lead it to new heights, but I left the project in May 2022, because the founder’s ideas went against my principles. This is one of the reasons I wish to work in a large organisation with well-established core values, such as Cradano.

Currently I'm the COO at CosmicFactions, but I constantly feel hungry for meaningful work, so I'm just applying here and hoping to hear from you soon.

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Accepted Payment Methods

ADA, FIAT Currencies (USD, GBP, YEN, ...), Other Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, DOT, ...)