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Odo Victor

Community Manager
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My name is Odo Victor, I am a natural community manager with over 4+ years of experience. 

Having being a member of the Vaults Pro community, I am certain I can help build the community with the right organizational skills and energy to harness the full potential of our community.

Having done my research on the Vaults Pro protocol, I feel connected to the team's mission and I would serve as an informed and empathetic leader in this role. I value authentic human connection through communication, creative problem-solving, collaboration, and constructive feedback.

I am well skilled in :

People management

Excellent communication skills Strong background in service delivery Critical thinking



Analytical skill


l realize that my resumé/curriculum vitae can not explain my qualifications in depth. Therefore, I really hope there is a chance interview, where I can explain how the potential in me and my experience will be a tremendous asset for the Vaults Pro protocol and community at large. 

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