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Brendan Everett Schumacher

Software Engineer
Engineering Full time

Howdy! My name is Brendan Everett Schumacher and I believe that I'd be a valuable asset to the Clarity Protocol team. I feel that my collegiate background, passionate work ethic, and candid attitude. I am extremely passionate about the cryptocurrency industry and, after finishing a degree in Mechatronics at Texas A&M University, feel that I am well equipped to pick up the slack as a 'newbie' in the industry. Most of the projects, classes, and extracurriculars throughout college were intentionally diverse to find explore my interests. I believe these experiences helped my ability to think outside the box as I explored brand new, and difficult fields of study. Over the years I learned that I derived the most satisfaction and interest from software development. I have pushed my limits even since graduation and would love a chance to hone my skills as a part of the team and contribute to the Clarity project.

Work Experience

Server/Key Manager
Outback Steakhouse Feb 2018 -

·        Valuable experience in handling customer relations, working calmly under pressure, diffusing conflicts, and fostering a positive work environment for fellow coworkers

·        Time management, multitasking, social fluidity, excellent communication skills, selling a product

SPIDR Testbed Project Lead
TSTAR/NASA Aug 2021 - Dec 2021

·        Design Engineer Intern for Texas Space Technology Applications and Research (TSTAR)

·        Completed one half of NASA science package allocated to TSTAR, sole executor of project tasks

·        Created a cost efficient, mobile testbed, with internal cooling and temperature display capabilities

·        Embedded systems, product development, mechanical design, control systems, communication with stakeholders


Mechatronics Engineering
Texas A&M University Aug 2015 - Dec 2021

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