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Santosh Chengappa Katrathanda

Blockchain Product Management, DeFi Development, Ethereum Architecture
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Engineering Information Technology Full time

With 18+ years of experience in IT and Software Engineering, I have got the opportunity to contribute towards Organization goals as a IT, Engineering & Product Manager. I am exploring Blockchain for past 1 year and have hands on knowledge about L1/L2 chains, Scaling L1 using ZK protocols, Ethereum Architecture, Web3 tech stack, DeFi Protocols and NFT ecosystem. 
In my present role as an Associate Director with Flipkart I am part of Labs DAO and contributed towards the launch of Flipverse, Flipkarts Metaverse platform. 
My Career goals are to become a Blockchain expert in next 6 months and spend 100% of my professional time working on Blockchain technology and DApps development.

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