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Tayyeb Rafique

Paid Intern (Software Engineer)
Entry Level Nonprofit-Social Services Python Full Stack Developer Cloud Engineer Intern

Final year computer science student committed to making the world a better place and finding a niche within emerging technologies to focus on. 

Launched, a project with aims to bridge the gap between tech and the world of art and fashion. 

Currently working on an app that gives users control of their biometric data to sell to selected companies,  pre-empting a free for all data harvest if GPDR laws are eventually surpassed. 

Looking for a part-time role to learn with and contribute to a company in the blockchain space.

How much do you like Cardano (10 highest)


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Accepted Payment Methods

ADA, FIAT Currencies (USD, GBP, YEN, ...), Other Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, DOT, ...)