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Nil Barcons

Technical Project Manager
Management Full time

My name is Nil Barcons and I am a project/product manager with 3 years of experience. I have been acquiring expertise working at international companies with different work environments, people, cultures and egos while carrying significant responsibility levels (multi million dollar budgets and core enterprise management systems).

I consider myself a passionate worker that aims for good results, efficiency and spreading engagement to others. Communicating, negotiating and analyzing are my best skills which, combined with an engineering background, make me a logical thinker that learns quickly and excels in problem solving, task prioritization and leadership capacities.

I find blockchain a revolutionary technology that is necessary to improve our society. Cardano is, within this ecosystem, one of the most powerful companies and I really like the way they operate. The ethics behind Cardano’s project are inspiring and aim to create a fairer and better world. I have been following you for years as an investor and tech fan. I would like to join you in this journey and collaborate with the brightest minds of blockchain.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Looking forward to your feedback,


Work Experience

Intern Engineer
IMC Toys: Terrassa, Spain Mar 2019 - Jul 2019

IMC ranks among the top 20 toy developers in Europe. Present at international trade fairs and shows such as Nuremberg, London, Deauville, Mexico and Moscow. Research and development department located in Barcelona, permanently in touch with the development department in Hong Kong.


  • Collaborated in a team mixed with marketing, design and innovation professionals to ensure concept convergence and economic feasibility on different toys developed. 

  • Participated in several meetings per week to discuss product development to enhance market success on IMC’s toys while providing engineering project perspective. 

  • Managed the development of products by designing, obtaining materials and manufacturing nearly 10 toy prototypes as well as updating bureaucratic documents defining nearly 30 products. 

  • Responsible for mentoring interns from the Hong Kong department by providing guidance and managing their activities on the product. Such a communicative process ensured correct development of 15 toys from an engineering perspective.

Azbil Telstar: Terrassa, Spain
Project Manager Oct 2020 - Feb 2022

Telstar specializes in the development of engineering & construction projects, integrated process equipment and GMP consultancy solutions, including turnkey projects and critical installations; integrating knowledge and technologies to provide optimal solutions with a high added value to our customers for companies associated with Life & Health Sciences.

  • Learned from scratch Telstar’s technologies in 1 month and started leading small projects. After 6 months of gaining board of director’s recognition, started leading top-tier projects while enhancing the team’s performance and providing high satisfaction to the customer thanks to persuasive & charismatic skills.

  • While being 26 years old in an environment of senior professionals, earned the respect of his co-workers, learnt from their expertise and made impactful decisions according to strong common sense, critical thinking and team’s advice.

  • Carried out weekly meetings with customers, reporting the status of the project and presenting flexibility and adaptability to the customer’s demands.

  • Performed weekly analysis of project planning and cost plan: Anticipating cost & schedule deviations through meticulous analysis of incoming manpower & material requirements. Only escalating to the board of directors when necessary

Project Manager
Freeway (Aubit International) Mar 2022 - Nov 2022

Freeway is a FinTech Crypto Company that provides passive income solutions to its customers aiming to give the financial power back to the individuals. To achieve so, it merges the best parts of both Traditional Finance and DeFi. Historically, only those most privileged have had access to superior passive income rewards. Freeway changes this, enabling access to absolutely everyone for greater rewards. 


  • Proven adaptive capacities working with an international team in a new business sector (financials) and background tech (blockchain). Started bringing impact to the business from week one.

  • Assessed & remodeled departmental structures within the company to ensure efficiency and scalability as the business expands in members and workload.

  • Researched, selected and implemented several applications to enhance the company’s systems (regarding HR, Business Development and Tech).

  • Responsible for team communications regarding security systems and internal management updates.

  • Collected team broad information on Data Management to mind-map the entire Data Flow of the company. Out of this, conducted the implementation of the most suitable ERP & CRM solutions to ensure the business’ quick growth.


BA Aerospatiale Vehicles Engineering.
UPC, Terrassa, Spain Sep 2013 - Jan 2018
MSc Aeronautics
UPC, Terrassa, Spain Feb 2018 - Jun 2019
MSc Renewable Energies
Cranfield University, Cranfield, UK Oct 2019 - Sep 2020

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