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Islam Aliev

Senior Software Engineer
Rust Go C++ Backend Developer Technical Director Full time

I'm a Software Engineer with over 16 years of experience working on complex and large systems in such areas as Gaming, Backend Services, Networking, and Automotive.

I take pride in the code I write and products I develop because I always do my best to achieve the best results in terms of quality and time-efficiency. 
And I always enjoy seeing products coming to live or being improved.

As a true C++ expert I'm passionate about low-level programming and I like dealing with performance-critical code that takes into consideration specifics of CPU (branch prediction, cache, pre-fetching and so on) and efficient memory usage to achieve ultra low latency if needed. I love template meta-programming and I always stay up to date with the latest standards like c++20 or even c++23.

At the same time I'm a clean-code enthusiast and always strive to write maintainable and testable code and whenever possible follow Test-Driven Development practices.

I'm developing at the moment an online learning platform for which I'm acting as a CTO while developing most of the backend. While working on it I gained a lot of experience in GoLang, NoSQL databases like MongoDB, GraphQL, AWS and in general distributed systems.

Cryptocurrency is my recent passion. I've been into blockchain technology already over a year and played with Ethereum, developed a few smart contracts in Solidity, and checked different open-source implementations in GoLang, Rust and some others.

I also have around 5 years of experience in Leading Teams, which includes:
* Building up a team of 8 developers by conducting interviews
* Documenting architectural decisions and development workflows
* Mentoring developers individually and giving company-wide workshops
* Conduction 1-on-1 meeting for performance evaluation and future aspirations

I love learning new tech and tools. I can do it very fast and even have experience in jumping into totally unknown development environments but yet making invaluable contributions. 

Be pragmatic and always ask questions even if they seem stupid, because some seemingly complex problems might have simple solutions.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you want to talk about programming, crypto, software architecture, online business, DeFi, if you need help with your project or need help on your journey to become a Software Engineer!

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