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Tama Cat

Community Manager
Saint Augustine, FL, USA
General Business Management Marketing Cardano Recruiting Full time


My name is Tammy and I have been in the Crypto space since about March 2021. I've been in Tezos, briefly dabbled in Ethereum, but put my roots down in Cardano. I have have been Mod/Admin for 0ldgranpa's Pinups/Garage, currently Mod for Zachary Mojica aka The Heartist Artist, Currently Mod for Tom Salwoski aka Offgrid, I am on the Art of Cardano Team which I will be Mod for the Discord, and I am on the Artano Council. 

It is my mission to help promote Artists/projects and onboard those interested to try out Cardano. I have many skills in the administrative side of business which can be useful in many different types of positions. I am very active in the Cardano Community in general but mostly in Cardano NFT side. I would love to find full time work in Cardano.


A.S. Degree of Accounting
St. Johns River Community College, St. Augustine, FL Aug 2002 - May 2005

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