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Ngoc Linh Nguyen

Plutus Javascript Typescript Haskell Front End Developer Seasonal

I am a developer and also a big fan of Cardano. I have been exposed to blockchain technology since 2017 I have self-taught and learned about Networks, and currently I am working as a Web3 developer with EVM. i have good knowledge about the Cardano network and want to switch to work with it, so I learned web3 programming with Meshjs, I taught myself Plutus, Plutarch, and Aiken to write smart contracts.

Work Experience

Zentech, Lexray, Freelancer Oct 2015 - Mar 2023

I started my career as a developer with a mobile developer position. then i switched to fullstack developer so far I am a freelancer frontend developer creating web3 products using EVM.


Theoretical Physics
Ho Chi Minh City University of science Aug 2011 - Sep 2015

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