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Customer Service Information Technology Cardano Graphic Designer Full time

My background is in graphic design/IT (freelance, but did some in-house work for a couple of small to medium local businesses) and brand ambassador/sales rep roles involving retail tech demonstrations, sales, and training for major brands such as Fitbit and Lenovo. I'd been exploring the crypto space a bit up until last year, when I really began immersing myself in it. It's certainly one of the most exciting industries and one of the few that has such amazing room for growth right now. Aside from that, it's just fun and I enjoy the spirit of the community around it. Outside of work and crypto, I'm enjoy making & viewing art, all kinds of music, gaming (on PC or PS3), viewing/listening to podcasts, spending time in nature, going to the beach, or reading a book. 


Graphic Design/Visual Communications
Delgado Community College Aug 2015 - Dec 2017

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