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Kelly Clarke

Community Development Coordinator
Fort Bliss, TX, USA
Admin-Clerical Business Development Entry Level Cardano Humanitarian Aid Full time

I earned my B.S. in Community and Regional Development from the University of California, Davis, and focused my studies on global communities, economic policy, and organizational management. I chose this major because I have always felt that there is something fundamentally wrong with the socio-economic state of the world, and I hope that I can somehow help solve this highly complex problem.

I've recently become somewhat of a cryptocurrency enthusiast, and have been learning a great deal about the different projects that are currently under development. When I discovered Cardano and learned about the company's mission, I immediately felt a strong sense of affinity. My education has provided me with a broad understanding of the ways that economic, political, and socio-cultural forces interplay with one another to transform regions and local communities. I've had the opportunity to develop strong analytical abilities alongside both interpersonal and public communication skills.

I am nearing the end of a 3.5 year contract with the U.S. Army, and am currently in the process of looking for my next career move.  I hope that I can use my strengths and knowledge to help serve underdeveloped areas, and would love to become a member of the Cardano team.

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