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My Brandt

Head of stakeholders & business
Business Development Full time

Human Ethical Philosophy Writer & Researcher!

Here I am, ready to be part of what I really believe will change the future for humankind.

My mission is to see decentralisation expanded outside crypto space into the real world and help to make the world a better place for all humans.

I’m Maria and since 1998 I have +20 years of experience in social research through my bachelor in SocialWork and +1 year of research in cryptocurrencies, which has become my passion.

MyVision is To help mankind embrace blockchain and do it through ethical philosophy with empathy and value.

This is why I think I will fit into your team.

I believe I can use my experience to help create a strong experience based on children/adult psychology and broad understanding of the human mind. To create a great team and vision I believe in the ability to connect generations and being able to apply truly human values into the experience.

I started many years ago doing research trying to understand blockchain technology while raising 4 kids and I just couldn’t get enough.

In 2020 I began researching and investing into cryptocurrencies and found that the skills I had mastered through a broad career were a perfect match, such as patience, deep diving into facts, open mindedness and creativity.

The cryptospace and it’s communities and white papers caught my mind and I knew I had to be part of this greater vision. I’m still learning and trying to improve my crypto language and technical terms.

I have reached a semi technical level but I’m good at teaching people and have a special talent to empathize with all kinds of people.

I’m passionate to learn more and give a 100% as I see a great future potential through a more decentralised world.

I have used 5-6 hours a day during the past year to obtain knowledge, diving into DeFi, Solidity, and even trying to get to know Haskell and the more I learn the bigger my passion becomes.

My feeling is that there are still very few people where I live, in Denmark, that are aware of the great benefits and how technology can be used to obtain great things on this planet, so I’m ready to work full-time to help improve this.

I believe that the value of things are their rarity and the growing attention and opportunities in this marked can be made even better and spread to a wider audience.

I have my human skills and social patience to offer.

I’m a futurist with high ambitions and skills reaching from people from all ages and as I clearly see the importance of being able to grab the adults as well as the kids, I really think there’s a big potential ahead.

I’m currently working on a roadmap to create real world assets into NFT’s on Cardano.

I am a believer/investor in multi cryptocurrencies and projects working side by side on the blockchain and as a human parent has a really great understanding of what kids and adults desire and how they see value in things.

Therefore I believe I could add a lot of value to your organization.   

Looking forward to new adventures and hours of work ahead.

Kind Regards Maria Brandt


BA Social skills
DSH, Copenhagen Jul 1994 - Jun 1997

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