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Jeremy Hudson

Technical Recruiter - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and any Finance Career
Banking Business Development Education Entry Level Finance Full time

Jeremy Hudson, 13 years of Financial Management experience managing billion dollar military programs with  the following education:

  • PhD- Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration-Concentration: Leadership-Trident International University, Cypress, CA, 2022
  • M.S-Master of Science in Information Technology Management-Concentration: Information Security / Assurance and Digital Forensics-Trident International University, Cypress, CA, 2017
  • M.A.- Graduate Certificate in Managerial Accounting-Trident International University, Cypress, CA, 2016
  • M.A-Masters Finance-Trident International University, Cypress, CA, 2015

Work Experience

Financial Management
Air Force / Government Feb 2011 -

Responsible for planning, developing, executing, and oversight of the overall program budget, cost, and analysis functions. One plans, organizes, and oversees complex budget formulation activities involving preparation of detailed analyses of annual and multi-year budget estimates for technology-based services. Responsible for the development of program budgets, internal policy and procedures; impact of plans and objectives; solutions for budget problems. One Identifies significant program changes having critical impact on funding requirements and provide funding audit trail from one initiative to another. Project long-term forecast and complex budget activities based on commitment, obligation, and expenditures from Air Force and Space Force 3400,3600, & 3080 funds. One’s primary job is to establish realistic, executable, and valid obligation and expenditure plans for future fiscal year(s). To monitor, track, and report actual obligation and expenditures as compared to the baseline financial plan and Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD) goals. One bases decisions based on historical data and matches funding requests or projected costs of selected line items with past records to determine trends in spending and to forecast annual funding needs.  One provides decision support to Program Managers, Engineers, Logistics(testing) & Contractors by creating Budget Control Board (BCB) to address the current and future financial needs of the program with an overall goal to fund the program with a wide range of funding forms(448(MIPR), Form 36, etc.).   Decision support is providing interpretation of complex financial and budgetary policies, guidelines, and/or directives. Decision support is accomplished by performing daily detailed research, analysis, examination, of assets relevant to the program. Conducted research leads to identifying and analyzing trends in the use of funds and leads to evaluating the effects of continuing changes in program plans and funding. One  uses the following automated budgetary system(s) and computer-generated products in accomplishing budgeting assignments: Comprehensive Cost and Requirements System (CCaR), Defense Enterprise Accounting and Management System (DEAMS), Electronic Document Access (EDA), Budget Control Board (BCB), Defense Travel System (DTS), Financial Management (FM )Suites, Financial Management Data Quality Service(FMDQS), Commander’s Resource Integration System(CRIS), Electronic Document Management (EDM) Gateway, Integrated Budget Documentation & Execution Systems (IDECS), and Automated Business Services System (ABSS) to best support decisions with  3600(Research, Development, & Testing)  and 3020 ( Procurement)  funds. Secondary roles include Government Purchase Card (GPC) approving official (AO) / Billing Official (BO), Defense Travel System (DTS) Organization Defense Travel Administration (OTDA), Management Internal Control Toolset (MICT) Assessor, Division Level Managers’ Internal Control Program (MICP) Administrator (AUA), Departmental Accountable Official (DAO)/Key Signatory Personnel Manager, Spring Program Review (Lead), &American Society of Military Comptrollers Programs Committee member.

  • As a financial specialist for the Level UP program office ensured not only budgetary issues are identified, but worked with program leadership to help the program stay on cost, schedule, and performance and accurately identified in the acquisition reports (IDECS, RDocs, PDocs, CCAR, DEAMS, DAMIR)
  • Lead Spring Program review which deterred a $8.4million budget cut.

Top Secret Security Clearance

  • Responsible for strengthening the EBJ DTS business rules by initiating a 6-month study of relevant travel data to conclude with the fact using GSA fleet vehicles was the best option for EBJ which in turn saved EBJ $10K monthly or $120K annually.
  • Responsible for providing managerial-financial reporting to the EBJ division chief deterring a budget cut of $15M to a new program due to working with stakeholders (Program Managers, external stakeholders, contractors, etc.) to meet Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) obligation goals before Spring Program Review.
  • Financial management skills lead to a successful reclama to SAF/AQP and not having a $35M reduction in the FY20 along with not having a re-phase of the FY21 budget.
  • Developed innovative practices to ensure 100% audit readiness for DAO/ Key Signatory Personnel Log adherence to FIAR guidance.
  • Top Secret Security Clearance
  • Ensured financial execution oversight of GPC guidance was updated to ensure JASSM EPASS 2020 contracts were modified to FIAR guidelines by updating the language governing contractor cell phone payments being an option under the 2020 guidelines.
  • As a financial specialist for the SiAW program office ensured not only budgetary issues are identified, but worked with program leadership to help the program stay on cost, schedule, and performance and accurately identified in the acquisition reports (IDECS, RDocs, CCAR, DAMIR)
    • Created new financial management procedures and developed guidance for clarifying regulations and policies which yielded audit readiness for 37 employees
    • Responsible for implantation of the advancement of the Secondary Dependency monthly Redetermination process to a web-based platform which has led to saving Air Force Special Processing 60 hours ($2800.00) of labor monthly.
    • Responsible for ensuring $10M plus in monthly bonuses are audited to confirm payments for service members.
    • Managed 235 Air Force Airmen's Mass Rate inputs leading to saving 90-man hours of labor ($5,000)
    • Responsible for supporting seven processing lines (Taxes, Active-Duty Team 1, Active-Duty Team 2, Reserve Pay Team, TSP, Court Martials, and Analyst) of the Air Force Central Processing lines leading to processing teams meeting the Agency Level goal of 99% timeliness rate.
    • Coordinated prompt submission and verified accuracy of the transactions for payroll processing, to include the input and review of internal transactions, and monitor the flow of work through the section.
    • Reviewed complexes pay adjustments which may involve transfers between pay systems differing in pay, leave, and benefit entitlement and which may be retroactive over an extended period of time which yielded saving over $100K for airmen.
    • Overseen the training and technical guidance to 31 Air Force Central Processing Technicians in all phases of payroll and acts as a reference point for the most complex payroll cases and questions.
    • Developed innovative practices for providing support to the Potential Wounded Warrior Project, a project to ensure no Wounded Warrior is left behind, for 22 sites adding 97 Wounded Warriors (WW) to our database saving the WW’s $12K in debts.
    • Led 22 sites with 58 employees to successfully passing 22 NAFCD Inspections, an inspection to ensure WW Pay Offices are audit ready and supporting the soldier in a timely matter.
    • Integrated best business practices from an excel database and created an efficient automated process for sites to report the accuracy of pay for mobilized soldiers. The old process was taking 8 hours per site a month for 62 sites to complete with the new database process time went from 92 hours to 15 minutes monthly thus saving DFAS $34,224 annually.
    • Successfully directed Organizational Assessment Survey as Action Officer leading to building strategic relationships with management resulting in an increase in the approval of management by 3% within organization satisfaction with management changing the overall metric from 78% to 81%, a record high for DFAS.
    • Established two separate iControl processes for ERP and Legacy systems resulting in testing over 1590 daily logs leading to new implementation of measured controls for future Audit Readiness.
    • Action Officer for the 2013-2016 OAS team yielding an average 4 percent increase in metrics.
    • Able to implicate percent, a new system for tracking retiring soldiers. The system saves ESO $31,290 annually and yields less over payments of entitlements to retiring soldiers. The project yielded a Lean Six Green Belt.




    • Leading with Impact (LWI), 2020
    • American Society of Military Comptrollers, Programs Chair, 2013-Present
    • Top Secret Security Clearance, 2019
    • Developing Team Leader Course (DTLC), 2018
    • Emerging Leader Course (ELC), 2017
    • Acquisition Profession Development Program (APDP) Level II Certification, 2017
    • Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM), 2016
    • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, 2016
    • DoD FM Level II Certification, 2015
    • Civilian Welfare Fund Council (CWFC), 2014
    • Women’s Equity/History Committee, 2013



Master Finance
Trident International University Mar 2013 - Jun 2015
• M.A.- Graduate Certificate in Managerial Accounting
Trident International University Jun 2015 - Jun 2016
• M.S-Master of Science in Information Technology Management-Concentration: Information Security / Assurance and Digital Forensics
Trident International University Jun 2016 - Oct 2017
• PhD- Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration-Concentration: Leadership
Trident International University Oct 2017 - May 2022

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